Urge the American Medical Association (AMA) to Oppose Assisted Suicide

The American Medical Association (AMA) is considering changing its decades-long position against doctor-prescribed suicide to one of “neutrality.” Opposition by such national and state professional associations has been critical to preserving laws against physician-assisted suicide. The retreat from opposition to “neutrality” by the state medical association in California was a key factor in the legalization of doctor-prescribed suicide in that state. Therefore, it is critically important that the AMA be urged to maintain its opposition to assisted suicide and euthanasia. 

Physicians and other medical professionals are the most credible individuals needed to contact the AMA and urge continued opposition to doctor-prescribed suicide. They can speak with authority about what this change will do to the healing profession and how it will undermine trust between doctor and patient. Please urge physicians you know who are opposed to doctor-assisted suicide to contact the AMA via this alert as soon as possible.

In addition, all individuals — who are all health care consumers — should also urge the AMA to maintain its opposition to doctor-prescribed suicide. Please send a message to the leaders of the AMA with your message today.

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