Share powerful Born-Alive stories and tell Congress we want a vote!


The House Democrat Majority refuses to allow a vote on the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act, or even an official hearing where Congress could learn the facts.  So, the House Republican minority hosted a hearing to draw attention to why the Born-Alive Act is needed + why it deserves a vote!

Please act now and urge your representative to watch stories from this hearing and, if he/she hasn’t yet done so, to sign the discharge petition to allow a vote on the Born-Alive Act.

Because of this hearing, there are now powerful stories and testimonies from four outstanding witnesses, who explained why Congress should pass the Born-Alive Act:

  • Jill Stanek, RN, a nurse who found an abortion survivor;
  • Dr. Robin Pierucci, MD, neonatologist and medical director of 50-bed neonatal intensive care unit;
  • Dr. Kathi Aultman, M.D., Retired Ob/Gyn and former abortion provider;
  • Tessa Longbons, Research Associate, the Charlotte Lozier Institute

Please share the stories with your representative today. And please check out and share these helpful Born-Alive resources, too!