Lenten Blog: Inspired by the words of Pope Francis

Using the writings of Pope Francis, Sister Elizabeth Geraghty, CSJ,contemplates “Opening Eyes, Ears and Hearts in Lent.”  

Easter and beyond: Faith in the Risen Lord

Faith is a walk with Jesus, walking with Jesus is a walk that lasts a lifetime.
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Lenten Blog: Holy Thursday

In the Eucharist the Lord makes us walk on his road, that of service, of sharing, of giving.
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Ask ‘Who Am I?’ during Holy Week

Lenten blog: Reflections based on the writings of Pope Francis
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The Triduum: From Passion and Death to Resurrection

Lenten Blog: Reflections based on the words of Pope Francis
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Lenten Blog: Opening Eyes, Ears and Hearts

Lent is a journey on which, by defying routine, we strive to open our eyes and ears, but especially to open our hearts, in order to go beyond our own “backyard.”
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