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How I wish that all of us would hear God’s cry: ‘Where is your brother?’ (Gen. 4:9). Where is your brother or sister who is enslaved? Where is the brother and sister whom you are killing each day in clandestine warehouses, in rings of prostitution, in children used for begging, in exploiting undocumented labor? Let us not look the other way.” – Pope Francis, Evangelli Gaudium


Learn about human trafficking from a Catholic perspective, equip yourself with the educational tools to raise awareness of human trafficking in parishes, schools, other social networks, or to learn about the SHEPHERD program visit the

Report trafficking concerns

Visit to learn more about how to identify a potential victim and what you can do to help. You can report tips on potential cases of human trafficking to the National Human Trafficking Hotline 1-888-373-7888. The text message number is: HELP to BeFree (233733).

Blog Posts

Care and Services for Those Affected by Human Trafficking

Covenant House is one organization that provides safe housing for victims of human trafficking and modern day slavery, focusing primarily on the needs of children.
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Advocates for the Fight Against Human Trafficking

As both human beings and as Catholics, it is our duty to stand up as advocates against human trafficking.
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Stay Educated on the Horrors of Human Trafficking

In 2014, the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) offered some reputable and shocking facts concerning the exercise of human trafficking worldwide.
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Pray to End Human Trafficking

Just like Saint Josephine Bakhita, it is vital for all victims of human trafficking to understand God’s love for them and His desire forthe protection of their lives.
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Human Trafficking – What is it?

Many Americans hold the belief that slavery was abolished in the United States with the passing of the 13th Amendment back in 1865.
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