Alcohol Abuse at a Young Age



I could have been an alcoholic as a child. Growing up, I always had access to alcohol. My grandparents had a bar in their basement. I saw imported liquor in cases daily and at family functions even witnessed some family members get drunk. I never realized how easy it would have been to drink at a young age. I thank God my fear of the unknown kept me away from temptation. As I get older, I realize the cost I would have had to pay and that it would have destroyed my future. Did you know that, according to the Coalition for the Prevention of Alcohol Problems, “an estimated 3 million teenagers are full blown alcoholics, and several million more have a serious drinking problemBlog2”?[1] Most people know that drinking under the age of 21 is illegal, but did you know excessive drinking, especially in minors can lead to death? Excessive drinking not only has severe physical affects, but also threatens one’s integrity to live life as God intended.  John Paul II stated, “The deepest element of God’s commandment to protect human life is the requirement to show reverence and love for every person and the life of every person” (p 72 The Gospel of Life).So how does alcohol fit into loving yourself? d30d5e627a846ad413bd18e74c4f111f Excessive drinking not only compromises one’s state of mind and rationality, but also threatens our human dignity.

We are all made by and for God. However, it seems our culture today has lost track of this fact. Peer pressure is defined by Webster’s dictionary as, the “social influence a peer group exerts on its individual members, as each member attempts to conform to the expectations of the group.” In succumbing to peer pressure in ways such as excessive drinking, we not only lose our integrity, but also distort God’s plans for us. In trying to abstain from alcohol abuse or other forms of drug abuse, remember John Paul II’s words “Life is indelibly marked by a truth of its own. By accepting God’s gift, man is obliged to maintain life in this truth which is essential to it”(p 84 The Gospel of Life). God wants you to value your life and find eternal life in him. Stand strong in times of temptation and remember you are a child of God and every life, including your own, MATTERS!



About the Author
Chyva Clarke is a Fordham University graduate student in the Master's program of Religious Education: Young Adult and Youth Ministry with a background in counseling and a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Theology from Fordham. She has six brothers and one sister whom she loves and works closely with to stay current on youth issues. She is the Campus Minister for Hofstra University and plans to continue her career in religious education.
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    Very interesting subject , great post.

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  4. Evidelia Boyd

    As I read the article, I am in awe of your devotion and eloquent writing on these moral issues that’s plaguing teens and young adults. Thank you!!!! for sharing your personal experience. Which will help teens understand that the do’s and don’ts in their own lives are fundamentally no different from what others have experienced. Your words will certainly help many of our youth to make choices that reflect their love for God. My hope is that your words are a blessing to others. As I have been blessed by your compelling words of faith. Keep the articles coming.

    • Chyva Clarke

      Thank you for taking the time to read and comment on this issue. I appreciate your words of encouragement for youth and myself as well. Please stay tuned for more blogs.

  5. Nia

    I appreciate you shedding some light on this dilemma. Kids my age are also struggling with this issue. I’m actually very shocked about the amount of kids who are facing this. This has persuaded me even more to NOT get involved in this kind of activity.

    • Chyva Clarke

      Thank you for taking the time to read and comment on the blog. I am glad this blog has given you new information. As always please sit and talk with your parents or guardian if and when struggling with these issues. You are not alone and I am glad you are on the right path.

  6. Lisa McClean

    Very nice article
    To read to the youth of today
    I am always delighted to see a young person Ministering to younger generation
    Keep up the good work
    And May God continue blessing you always

    • Chyva Clarke

      Thank you for commenting and supporting this forum and issue. May God bless you as well!

      • Heidi

        I think you hit a bulls-eye there ladies!

  7. Yanique

    Your message to the youth is right on the money, and as I read all I could think about is the many additions that youth face today. It makes us realize that alcoholism/addiction covers up so many issues that our children face and without support they continue to seek solace in the wrong things. It becomes critical to look at all of the factors that lead up to addiction and how we as adults can help our younger generation.

    • Chyva Clarke

      Thank you for commenting on this issue. Alcohol addiction at a young age is not a very well talked about issue and hopefully with open dialogue and a critical eye, we can help address the factors contributing to this health concern.

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        I feel satisfied after reading that one.

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