"How do we persuade a woman not to have an abortion? As always, we must persuade her with love." - BLESSED TERESA OF CALCUTTA

Contest Theme – TBA

We wish you peace and blessings for a successful 2016-17 season. Thank you for your ongoing support of all programs and initiatives the Respect Life Office promotes and offers parishes and school communities.  Each year the office provides a new agenda designed to educate and serve the diocese through advocacy and prayerful participation aimed at protecting and respecting all life from conception through natural death.

The Diocesan Respect Life Office is excited to announce the 16th Annual Youth Respect Life Contest for grades 7-8 (Level ONE), and grades 9-12 (Level TWO.) We welcome all Catholic youth in the Rockville Centre Diocese attending Catholic elementary, high schools or parish programs including religious education, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, youth groups and youth choirs to participate. We encourage children with special needs to also participate.



  • Registration Details – Start Here

    The contest begins TBA  with submissions from each parish, program or school’s first prize winning entries.  Principals, directors of religious education and respect life leaders are responsible
    rlp-16-cover-posterfor developing judging protocol for all entries in the school, programs or parish contest respectively. (Only one entry per category, per school, per parish and program is allowed and more than one will disqualify the school and entrant)

    The Respect Life Office’s grading rubric will be available on our website for all to consult when submitting entries. All entries must be attached to the registration form, postmarked by TBA, and mailed to the Respect Life Office. Please note the registration form must be signed by a parent or guardian of participant.

    The contest is designed to educate and provide a platform for youth to express and share their ideas and feelings on Respect Life issues that promote the dignity and respect for all persons from conception through natural death. All entries will be judged on originality and expression of thought in relation to our Catholic faith and the contest theme, TBA  Respect life issues and concerns  include  abortion, adoption, euthanasia, bullying, respect for life, contraception, crisis pregnancy, advocacy for life, stem cell research, just war doctrine, death penalty, suicide, responsibility of Catholic politicians, respectful reproductive technologies, marriage, chastity, rights of the disabled, conscience protection.

    Participation in the contest is through any one of the following categories:

    • Poetry
    • Art (bookmark design)
    • Essay
    • Photography
    • Music (Lyrics)
    • Video Clip Design
    • Pin- it/photomontage board
    • Mural (New Category)

    Cash awards are given for first, second and third place winners for both levels in each category.

    • First place winners will receive $400.00
    • Second place winners will receive $250.00
    • Third Place winners will receive $150.00

    Every student who participates in the contest including those who are not finalists will receive a certificate of participation.

    Entry Deadline TBA

    Respect Life Awards Ceremony TBA

  • Informational Video

    An 8 minute video explaining the contest details and guidelines.

    If you have trouble viewing this video click here.


  • General Resources

    When you send the list of participants from your school or parish to our office, we will send you back by mail your Golden Ticket to enter the raffle. The raffle will take place on the night of the Youth Awards Ceremony on March 22, 2017 at Holy Trinity D. High School- Auditorium.

  • New Category: Merciful Murals


    The Respect Life Office is introducing a new Respect Life Contest category for small groups, called Merciful Murals.

    The mural is for groups of 2 to 4 students, all students’ works must be original, colorful and convey a Respect Life message. Along with a  short paragraph of two to three sentences must accompany your mural that includes the theme TBA and explains what your mural portrays.

    Paper size will be 3 feet by 6 feet (the Respect Life Office will provide the required mural paper and requests for paper must be by October 1st)

    Suggested Mediums:852501923ca4b3c103149e86b67b1655


  • Essay

     Must be typed and limited to 400 words.

  • Poetry

    Must be typed and limited to 21 lines.

  • Music

    The lyrics must be the contestant’s original creation however the melody can be in the public domain. The music must be submitted on a CD and cannot contain any video. (Contestants must be prepared to perform their material on awards night).

  • Photography

    The photo must be an 8 x 10 color or B&W photo taken only by the contestant. Please submit entry with photo form and disclaimer on the back.

  • Bookmark design

    Must be accompanied with registration form and book mark entry form. No exceptions.

  • Video Clip Design

    Please submit a DVD video no more than 2:30 min long. The filming, audio, and editing of the video must be your own original work. PowerPoint presentations, slide shows of photos or other peoples’ videos will not be accepted. Please note: all submissions must be sent in a web-ready format according to the specifications of YouTube: Supported YouTube File Formats.

    Video Clip Design Resources

  • Pin-it/ Photo-montage Board

    Create a Pin-it/ Photomontage Board – which is the process and the result of making a composite photograph by cutting and joining two or more photographs into a new image. A photomontage can take on the look of a collage. Use an 8.5 x 11 page which will serve as your “board.” Fill the board with a minimum of 10 images (images must be original) that relate to the Respect Life theme ‘Every Life is Worth Living.” Submit the form with title and written description (50 words or less) explaining how your pin board relates to the contest theme. A Pin  It board can be an organized set of images or a photomontage, it can be done by hand (Using paper, markers, pictures, etc.) or on computer. The use of crafting materials i.e. string, wire, tinsel, or anything that obstructs the board from being framed will not be accepted or judged. Submissions include a printed copy of your Pin it Board along with the description form and a computer CD that has your Pin it Board in a JPG or PDF format. An example is provided for assistance.

  • Contest Archive

    For a list of finalist and winners from the past years view here.
  • Contest Poster

    Respect Life Contest 2016-17 Poster View or download bulletin announcement for your parish. Please feel free to photocopy any of the materials for your bulletin/newsletter. View or download flyer.
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